KFTC was set up in 2012 to provide young players with the opportunity to develop their soccer skills, knowledge of the game and pave their way to becoming FOOTBALL STARS!

The KFTC's program builds on the child's enthusiasm for the game by making sessions fun while teaching and challenging these young players. we creates a learning environment which enables young players to develop at their own rate. We begin with the fundamentals in technical ability and work with young players to achieve mastery of the ball.

KFTC fosters coach / player relationships and works with young players in developing their latent soccer abilities.

We place an emphasis on team play and enjoyment ensuring every child fulfils their potential, takes part in the sessions but above most of all has fun while doing so. We maintain an excellent reputation within the community due to our academy principles


Our mission is to deliver top level fun based training and instruction with the objective of guiding players to attain their maximum potential in the game of soccer whatever age or ability. We place an emphasis on skill and tactical development and the maximization of game enjoyment through a training process that emphasizes fair play, respect and enjoyment of the game.


Be one of the premium sports centres and a world leader in the creation and delivery of accredited programmes and services, in partnership with internationally renowned organisations; and to be the training facility of choice for athletes and teams globally.

We Stands For....

Making sure enjoyment is paramount to the children we teach, regardless of gender or ability.

Ensuring our lessons are affordable for everyone, with the lowest price points among our competitors.

Our endeavour to make Soccer accessible to everyone with convenient and safe locations.

Educating our students on the importance of learning and not adapting a "win at all costs" mentality.

Keeping group numbers low and not sacrificing the quality of coaching to maximise revenue.